Peg Solitaire Saga

Peg Solitaire Saga is a game project which aims to include slight twist to classical peg solitaire game. In saga version, there is bunch of different maps to conquer. This project is currently on the beginning stage, I am open to any contribution suggestions.

I implemented the most of the game using Cocos2dx. Cocos2dx is a really cool platform to develop cross platform, however I though it lacks some proper plugins and documentation.


Screenshot_2014-05-04-01-05-34 Screenshot_2014-05-04-01-05-41 Screenshot_2014-05-04-01-05-47 Screenshot_2014-05-04-01-05-55 Screenshot_2014-05-04-01-06-02 Screenshot_2014-05-04-01-06-10

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